Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Difference between Overloading & Overriding of Method in java


Method Overloading

Method overloading :

1). A Method with the same name but the different argument is called method overloading.
2). It is an example of compile-time polymorphism.
3). The method call to its definition has happened at compile time.
4). Method Overloading is performed within a class.
5). Access specifier can be changed. 
6). private and final methods can be overloaded.
 7). Overloading is a compile-time concept.
8). Inheritance is not invoked.
9). Parameters must be different.
10). The private, static and final class can be overloaded.


Method Overriding :

1). A Method with the same name and the different argument is called method overriding.
2). It is an example of run-time polymorphism.
3). The method call to it's happening at run-time.
4). Method Overriding occurs in two classes that have IS-A(Inheritance) relationship.
5). Access specifier must not be more restrictive than the original method.
6). Private and final methods can't be overridden.  
7). Overriding is a run-time concept.
8). Inheritance is invoked.
9). Parameters must be same.
10). Private, static and final class can't be overloaded.

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