Thursday, 26 October 2017

Built-in Packages in Java || Java Packages

Packages in Java

  • java.lang package  

  • package

  • java.util package

  • java.applet package

  • java.awt package

  • package


java.lang package  

java.lang package contains language support classes ( for e.g classes which defines primitive data types, math operations, etc.) . This package is automatically imported. package package contains classes for supporting input / output operations.

java.util package

java.util package contains utility classes which implement data structures like Linked List, Hash Table, Dictionary, etc and support for Date / Time operations.

java.applet package

java.applet package contains classes for creating Applets.

java.awt package

javav.awt package contains classes for implementing the components of graphical user interface ( like buttons, menus, etc. ). package package contains classes for supporting networking operations.
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